Spring sprint

Watching a young garden grow can be exciting, but I must admit that I am sending wishful vibes to the hardenbergia ‘happy wanderer’ suggesting it wander a bit quicker to cover up the colourbond fence. I’m really not a fan of the beige backdrop!

Things are happening though! I love that ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ factor of Spring when plants seem to be moseying along, and then suddenly, you turn your back for a second out there and a cheeky pumpkin has curled around your ankles while you paused for a moment.

Growth seems to have really taken off in the last week! There are even snow peas to munch! With the goodies come the baddies too – so much weeding to do…daily effort…the kikuyu is invading, the vacant block next door is donating weed seed heads over the fence on the gusty Spring winds but good will prevail!

Thanks to the huge numbers of bees, amazing numbers of pluots this year!


Raised beds packed with heirloom tomatoes, sage, nasturtiums, radishes…


Pumpkins, snow peas…






Pumpkins trailing under the young macadamia trees (experiment!):



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