No, it’s not one of Harry Potter’s spells, Pogostemon cablin is the patchouli plant. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to order these as they are only $6 each, but I have finally have some wee smelly plants on their way in the post.

The leaves are beautiful and very aromatic in that special intoxicating patchouli way. http://www.herbalistics.com.au/shop/popup_image.php?pID=163

I don’t know why these plants are so difficult to find, but I’ve found out that you can also grow new plants from cuttings. Who knows, perhaps this could be the start of my patchouli farm????

My reason for growing them is just for the loveliness of picking off fresh patchouli leaves to put in my cuboards and drawers. I currently put in sticks of incense which tends to make a bit of a mess with the powerdy crumbs!

Also, patchouli scented clothing and linen is just another way of bringing that little bit of India to this part of the world. Mmmm …

I can’t wait for my four little plants. I hope they like their new home.


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